About Us

About Findprivatehealthcare.com

Findprivatehealthcare.com is UK's first comparison website for Private Healthcare. Our core goal is to empower customers with information on private healthcare which would inform their decision making when procuring private healthcare services . Research showed that the number of patients opting for self pay private healthcare grew in direct response to people not wanting to wait for 4 to 12 months before seeing NHS specialists or having surgery. Statistics also showed that private healthcare was becoming increasingly affordable with some healthcare providers offering payment plans to cover patient surgery. Our founder saw this as an opportunity to provide a platform which will collate and compare the cost of private healthcare to inform the choice of potential customers in the private healthcare market.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to inform and empower customers with information on private healthcare services in UK, which they can use to make informed decision when procuring healthcare services. This covers both self pay customers and healthcare insurance customers, which make up the largest portion of private healthcare in UK.

The Problem

As of January 2020 the NHS had more than 4.2 million people on their referral waiting list and forecasted that this number could grow to 10 million by December 2020. Statistics also showed that waiting times had increased significantly since the outbreak of Coronavirus. According to the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) a member survey of specialists suggests that it could take NHS services two years to get back to normal. Furthermore, in the last decade the government has made numerous cuts to NHS funding which has led to a further strain on public healthcare.

The Solution

The Private healthcare sector has grown in the last decade and its increase in demand is mostly due to NHS long waiting list and waiting times. To help patients find the right private healthcare service, Findprivatehealthcare.com have created three products. The first being a price comparison platform for self pay Private healthcare. The second product is our healthcare insurance platform power by a third party partner. The last product is our pricecomparison platform for online pharmacy drugs and medications. We provide comparison information on private healthcare which informs and empowers their decision making when procuring private healthcare services.

Our Target Market

According to Statista.com, UK healthcare expenditure was estimated to be worth £214 Billion in 2018 and Private healthcare contributed £34.5 Billion to this. Self pay customers make up roughly 20% of Private healthcare expenditure in UK, while healthcare insurance accounted for 10%. Our target market is focused on self pay customers and healthcare insurance customers. Current statistics show that the self pay market and the healthcare insurance market will keep on growing in UK. As the UK population increases, the NHS will continue being strained and its rate of growth to meet this growing demand seems quite slow.


The prices and provider information listed on Findhealthpro.co.uk are sort from third party websites and are guide prices. For accurate quotes and information please contact the private healthcare provider directly.