Promotions and Vouchers for Online Pharmacies

We decided to put together this blog for those looking for promotions or vouchers currently being offered by online pharmacies. There are currently 26 offers listed in this blog and we will keep it updated regularly. Don't forget to bookmark this page.Pharmacy2U Online Doctor 1.       10% off orders Use voucher code 3UGJA55. Voucher is valid from 02/10/2020 9:39 AM to 05/10/2020 11:59 PM. Orders must be made through the Online Doctor Service. Orders will be dispatched up
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Symptom Checkers

Below are four popular Symptom Checkers you can use for free. Please note that these Symptom Checkers are not to be used for diagnosis and are only for information purpose. We have also given each one a rating over 5 based on a number features, functionality and user interface.1.       WebMD Symptom checker (3.75/5) User interface (5) – It elegant and simple to use, most importantly, it is user friendly. Symptoms (5) – It has a robust database of symptoms with differ
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Cost of Private Healthcare in UK

If you are reading this blog then that means you are either one of the 4 million people in the UK on NHS referral waiting list or you are thinking of undertaking an elective procedure/surgery which NHS won’t cover and since you have no insurance cover, you want to know how much it would cost you. Finding the cost of private healthcare services is relatively easy in the UK compared to other countries, if you know where to look. I am going to go through a number of options: 1. Googl
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Growing demand for Private Healthcare

While the lockdown helped NHS manage their patient capacity, it also meant that other types of patient care were moved down NHS priority list. There were numerous reports of surgeries being postponed and cancer treatments being delayed all over UK.. There was a drop in outpatient services even though GPs adopted teleconferencing technologies to safely address outpatient issues. People felt hesitant contacting their GPs because they felt what ailment they had was less of a priority if it
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