Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)

Heathbourne Road, Bushey Heath,

£ 4125.00Inpatient elective Outpatient – You will go to hospital for an appointment, but not stay overnight

Daycase – You will be given a hospital bed for tests or surgery, but will not stay overnight; this can include treatments such as minor surgery, dialysis or chemotherapy

Inpatient Elective – Inpatient Elective is one that has been arranged in advance. It is not an emergency admission, a maternity admission or a transfer from a Hospital Bed in another Health Care Provider. The period that the patient has to wait for admission depends on the demand on hospital resources and the facilities available to meet this demand.

Inpatient Non Elective - Non-Elective Admission is one that has not been arranged in advance. It may be an emergency admission, a maternity admission or a transfer from a Hospital Bed in another Health Care Provider.

CQC rating:  Good   Outstanding – the service is performing exceptionally well.

  Good – the service is performing well and meeting our expectations.

  Requires improvement – the service isn't performing as well as it should and we have told the service how it must improve.

  Inadequate – the service is performing badly and we've taken enforcement action against the provider of the service.

  No rating/under appeal/rating suspended – there are some services which we can’t rate, while some might be under appeal from the provider. Suspended ratings are being reviewed by us and will be published soon.

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All Guide Prices displayed show what most patients who pay for their own treatment should expect to pay for treatment. The price may vary depending on Consultant, type of anaesthetic, implant or drug used, and may also vary due to your medical history. “Initial Consultation” covers your initial appointment with your Consultant. The price displayed is a guideline only as consultant fees may vary. “Treatment” includes all the pre-assessment tests and the cost of the treatment, Consultant and Anaesthetist fees, nursing care, medication and food during this time and any standard prosthesis. Your hospital stay is included as long as your Consultant advises is necessary (and not exceeding 30 days). “Aftercare” includes your care after you leave hospital, including consultations and physiotherapy visits (up to the number stated in your quotation/treatment letter), removal of stitches, change of dressings and the medication you need for up to 10 days after you leave hospital. Note that some home aids are not included. Your Consultant may require you to have diagnostic or investigative tests before being able to confirm the procedure required; these are charged for separately. Your final quote will be made clear to you before you proceed for treatment. For further information visit