Complex hip replacement

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£ 11876.00Inpatient elective Outpatient – You will go to hospital for an appointment, but not stay overnight

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Inpatient Elective – Inpatient Elective is one that has been arranged in advance. It is not an emergency admission, a maternity admission or a transfer from a Hospital Bed in another Health Care Provider. The period that the patient has to wait for admission depends on the demand on hospital resources and the facilities available to meet this demand.

Inpatient Non Elective - Non-Elective Admission is one that has not been arranged in advance. It may be an emergency admission, a maternity admission or a transfer from a Hospital Bed in another Health Care Provider.

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About service

If you’re suffering from chronic hip pain and persistent problems, hip replacement surgery may be the solution. A common type of surgery, a hip replacement is when the damaged or deteriorated hip joint is replaced with an artificial joint, called the prosthesis. The most common reason for hip replacement surgery is deterioration of the hip joint caused by osteoarthritis. Other causes can include rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis and hip fractures.During your hip replacement surgery, you will be given anaesthetic which will numb your lower body. You will be given either general anaesthesia or an epidural. The operation usually takes between an hour and an hour and a half. Your consultant surgeon will make an incision on the side of your hip and will completely remove the damaged ball and socket, which will then be replaced with an artificial joint. The new joint will be made of metal, plastic, ceramic or a combination of these materials. For further information visit